Welcome to Chicago Culture Authority, where you’ll find the city’s broadest, deepest collection of cultural news links updated in real time around the clock. In addition to the feeds you need from the dining, theatre, music, film, literary, museum and pro sports scenes, CCA will post original reviews, news and interviews in all of those coverage areas,

Our aim is simple: to connect you to the offerings from Chicago’s vibrant cultural world that best fit your tastes and interests. The people behind the site are:

  • Frank Sennett, who has a long track record covering culture, including as managing editor of Newcity, president & editor-in-chief of Time Out Chicago, reviewer of crime novels for Booklist, and author of his own books. His latest thriller is Shadow State (Crooked Lane Books, 2023).
  • Nicholas Sennett, a current education major with a background in theatre and the biological sciences. He has experience working nearly every role on (and behind) stage, as well as in the fields of playwriting and theatre analysis. All writings should be co-credited to his cat, Howdy, who comes up with the majority of it by walking aimlessly across the keyboard. 
  • Emma Sennett, a CPS student who designed the CCA logo in her digital design class, performed in her first professional stage role at Prop Thtr, and who studies acting, singing, and dance.